Reviews gives you access to information on different educational programs for child cancer patients. It helps parents understand their options regarding continuing their child’s education even after being diagnosed with cancer. It also contains information on various related topics like how to cope with cancer and supporting your child through this difficult moment in his life.

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“A friend of mine directed me to this site after I found out that my little Jaime has cancer. He was 10 when he was diagnosed with cancer. He used to love playing outdoors with his friends but after he got cancer, he became weak and refused to go back to school. I was all for home schooling him until I read through this blog. It made me see that home schooling is not the only option and that Jaime can still go to a regular school. With the help of some of the tips I read in this blog, I was able to convince Jaime (and myself!) that going back to school is ok.” – From Carla of New Jersey”

My husband and I found out that our 7 year old has a tumor which causes her to have headaches and have a hard time handling things. It turned out to be cancer and she had to undergo chemo immediately after being diagnosed. All her beautiful blond hair fell out and I was afraid she’d get bullied at school so I pulled her out. Three weeks in and she was begging me to let her come back to school. I wouldn’t relent until I read an article in this site about how going back to school can be beneficial for a child with cancer. I told my husband about it and we met with the school administrators and explained our situation. They were very accommodating and they understood our predicament. Soon our little girl went back to school and she was welcomed with open arms by all her teachers and friends.” – From Samantha of Chicago

“I’m Cole and my 13 year old daughter had skin cancer. We found out she had melanoma or skin cancer a year ago and luckily we caught it early on. Still, she wasn’t saved from going through surgery and other treatments which were painful. After the cancer was gone she retreated into herself and didn’t want to come out of her room. She said she was afraid that the cancer might come back. She used to love the beach and playing soccer but after her treatment I can’t even make her come out of the house. I chanced upon an article in which helped me convince my daughter that she can still go on with her life after cancer. I gave her information on skin cancer and how she can protect herself. I told her about the different educational programs that she can take so that she won’t have to expose herself to outdoor activities like in PE and the like. I didn’t think I got through her but then the next day she told me she wanted to take PE but only indoors. She had a printout of alternative indoor activities that their PE department can implement and asked me to talk to her teacher. She went back to school a few days later.” – From Cole of Austin

“My heart broke the day I found out that my son had cancer. I told myself he’s so young and healthy why would he have cancer? I wanted to protect him from the outside world because I was bitten by paranoia and I thought that my son was better off at home with me. Being at home made my son more irritable as he used to be so active at school. Through an article I read here, I realized that I was hindering my son from having a normal childhood by not letting him get back to school. I know now that school is an essential part of his life and that cancer shouldn’t be the reason why he can’t continue his education. Thanks for helping me see the error of my ways” – From Tatiana of Miami