What’s Inside is a blog that’s dedicated to helping child cancer patients and their parents increase their knowledge on their child’s illness and the educational programs they can use to continue their child’s studies. We believe that children can still go to school even after being diagnosed with cancer so we made sure that we got a lot of information to help make it happen.

        So what can you expect from this blog?
  1. Educational Programs Especially Made for Child Cancer Patients –

    The main purpose of this blog is to let parents know that their child can still attend school even if they have cancer. A lot of the information contained in this blog will focus on this topic so that parents and educators can be properly informed and can make the right decisions when it comes to the child’s education. We will provide resources for learning, alternative classes that cancer patients can take to complete school requirements and tools they can use to make learning easier.

  2. Child Cancer Information

    We know how devastating it can be to learn that your child has cancer so we want to make sure that you know what you’ll be up against. We want to make sure that you understand your child’s diagnosis so that you won’t panic immediately upon hearing the word cancer. We cannot claim to have ALL the information on child cancer but we will strive to provide you with as much data as we can find. We’ll also give you information on breakthroughs and updates on different kinds of child cancer so that you can keep abreast on important things like cures, vaccines, tests and treatments concerning your child’s cancer.

  3. How to Cope with Child Cancer

    – As parents we want only the best for our children. When faced with a diagnosis of child cancer, some parents can have a hard time coping with the idea that their child is very ill and that there’s very little they can do to stop the illness from harming their child. So we made sure that we add information for parents on how they can face child cancer head on and how they can help their child cope as well.

  4. Information on Child Cancer Treatments

    Parents worry that cancer treatments are too strong and too painful for their child to handle. That is why we want you to understand what your child is going through while undergoing the treatments for cancer. Various kinds of treatment can affect your child in different ways. We want you to be ready to support him while he is being treated and catch him when he gets too weak. We also want to prepare you on the possible side effects of these treatments have and what you can do to ease your child’s pain.

  5. Role of the Caregiver –

    In some cases, providing care for children with cancer can be more difficult than caring for adults with cancer. This can be true for babies, toddlers and young children who are not yet able to express their feelings clearly. As a parent/caregiver it can be very frustrating to see your child in pain while you are unable to understand what it is that’s giving them that pain. To help you with this new role of being your child’s caregiver, we will provide you with valuable information on how you can successfully care for your child. We will give you tips on how to be more patient and how not to lose your cool with a child cancer patient. We will also give you information on first aid, emergency care and the like.

  6. Finding Emotional Support –

    Parents are suffering just like their children. That’s why we cannot stress enough how important emotional support is. Parents and child cancer patients both need emotional support so that they don’t succumb to depression and that feeling of hopelessness that cancer sometimes brings.