Beating Child Cancer Through Education

 We at believe that a child suffering from cancer need not put his education on hold once he is diagnosed with this illness. We know how important it is for children to have a normal childhood experience and that includes attending school.

Shifting Your Focus   

As parents of child cancer patients, you might think that sending your child to school will only aggravate his condition. You think of worst case scenarios like your child getting overly tired and collapsing while doing schoolwork or your child being bullied by his classmates for being sickly. You might also think that his illness will cause him to be left behind by his peers and that this might eventually affect his self-esteem.

Child CanceWhile these are all possible scenarios, it would not help to focus on the negative effects of sending your child back to school.  What you might not realize is that he needs to get back to school as soon as he is able.  This will help establish a sense of normalcy not just for him but also for your entire family.

Getting Back to Normal Life

Sending your child back to school after being diagnosed with cancer can help your child and your family in 2 ways:

The first one, as earlier mentioned, is that it gives your child and your entire family a sense of normalcy. It is also your way of telling your child that he can continue with the things that he loves doing despite his illness. It lets him know that he can still make friends, learn new things, and have fun at school.

Another thing that’s so great about sending your child back to school is that it lets him know that you don’t want the cancer to rule his life. That being diagnosed with cancer shouldn’t stop him from making his dreams come true. It tells him that you and your entire family believe that he can overcome his illness and that he needs his education to succeed later on in life after he is cured.

Empowering Your Child

It is the aim of to provide you with information and resource on how you can continue your child’s education by giving you various ideas on educational programs specifically made for child cancer patients. We want to give you tips on how you can help your child further his education even while he is undergoing treatment. We understand that this is a difficult time for both you and your child. We want to ease some of your child’s burden by providing you with information on how you can support him with his studies and making sure that he leads a normal life as much as possible. also contains information about child cancer in general and guidance on how parents can cope and face this illness together with their child. As parents of child cancer patients you probably never saw cancer coming. The information contained within this site will help you face the challenges that come with costly and possibly painful treatments like chemotherapy and the like. It also contains information on what is happening to your child with every stage of his illness and how you can support him in this difficult time.

We also have ideas on how you can prepare your child as he gets back to school after being diagnosed with cancer. We will also provide information on how you can effectively communicate with your child’s school administrators, teachers and health care providers on how his cancer can affect his performance at school.

Child cancer patients will sometimes require additional help when it comes to some of their school work. They may need physical assistance in subjects like PE and Shop as their weakened state can make even simple activities extremely tiring. can give you information on how to develop an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for your child to help him complete this kind of requirements at school. can be your one-stop information hub that tells you everything you need to know about educational programs for child cancer patients. We hope that with each post and information contained within this site we will have helped add to your knowledge on how to beat cancer.